3 Ways to Use Periscope to Connect With Your Tribe

In today’s world people are longing for deeper connections. They are no longer satisfied with superficial relationships some coaches offer. Long gone are the days of mystique and veils between coaches and their audiences. Audiences want to know who you are, and get a deeper sense of what you stand for.

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new things for you and me

New Things for Me & You

Yay! We are nice and comfy nestled into January 2016! Are you excited for what’s to come for your business? I’m sure you are, at least I hope you are. I’m truly excited to inform you of the new and exciting things I have planned for Sassy & Savvy VA this year. It’s going to be one party of a year for you VAs and coaches.

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review before you pursue

Review Before You Pursue

Can you believe it? It’s 2016! (Que the fanfare now!) Welcome and congratulations. To make it to this point in our lives and our businesses, took a lot of effort and hard work. So kudos to you for making the decision to become a coach, start your business, partner with a virtual assistant or just…

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4 Ways to be Effective in Your Tweeting

Many of us have taken on the social networks as marketing tools for our businesses. And in doing so, some have decided to use Twitter. Now we have accounts, at which we stare blankly. What should we be tweeting about? We have 140 characters to work with and while that seems easy, it can prove…

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Top 3 Things You Should Be Tweeting About As A Coach

Have you ever found yourself sitting in front of your computer, staring at your Twitter account, computer screen or maybe a sheet of paper, wondering, “what in the world am I going to write about”? I’ve totally been there and it’s so frustrating! Trying to create appealing, attractive and informative content give you a headache…

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