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Back to School or Back to Business?

Can you believe it’s August already? I can’t! The summer is almost over and many are planning to send their children back to school. For some, it’s a time of mixed emotions. On one hand, some are sad to see their babies leave. Then on the other hand, some are happy or relieved that they are able to address some of the things that were placed on the back burner. I’m sure for many of you that would be your coaching or virtual assistance business.

I’m sure this summer was and still is filled with various events and vacations. However, through the dust of the hustle and bustle, the marketing of your business has been pushed to the side. Or your business was taken down to what I like to call, “the skeleton”. That’s when your business is stripped down to the bare necessities, so that you don’t have to spend so much time in the office. Maybe you will take a training webinar or two, go to a networking event or two, automate your tweets for the month, or just focus solely on your current clients. However, the “extra stuff” to fill your business or drive potential clients to your business, you have totally neglected that. Well, now that the kids are in or getting ready for school, it’s time to get some meat on those bones!

It’s time for you to get your focus back on track. Let’s face it. Your business goes on regardless of if your kids are in school or not, if it’s summer or winter, or if you have 10 clients or not. Am I right? So, let’s stop wasting time and get you back on track!

For the months of August and September, I will be extending my calendar for FREE consultations! Yep, you hear me! But wait…there’s more! Weekly I will be releasing some awesome and extraordinary tools, blog posts, worksheets, checklists and videos all to help you keep your focus and get you back on track. Plus, there will be some products on SALE! Awesome right?

So, stay tuned and let’s get you back to business!

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