Have You Checked Your Breasts?

The month of October has been a very special month for my family and I. It holds a very, very special place in my heart. A couple of years ago, my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. This indescribable piece of news left my family initially devastated but then encouraged to face it head on.…

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3 NAVAC coaches montage

What an Amazing Weekend!

Did you have an awesome weekend? I did! It was simply amazing! I was fortunate enough to be a presenter of a 3-day webinar series called Air Your Dirty VA Laundry. The series started on Thursday morning and ended Saturday morning. Kim Gray, NAVAC’s Ka-Ching Coach, helped us to identify 5 steps that we can…

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i'm back

I’m Back!

I’m back! I hope you’ve missed me because I have missed you! I have missed engaging with my coaches, the coaching community and my fellow VA’s. Many of you have wondered what happened to me, where I have been and if I’m okay.Well, let me explain what has been going on. As many of you…

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Inspirational Role Models for Your Business

When you were younger, do you remember having role models? Do you remember who they were? Maybe they were celebrities like Michael Jackson, Prince or Madonna. Or maybe your parents, teachers, a policeman or fireman. Do you remember the feeling you had when you saw them do something inspirational. I can recall when I saw…

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National Women S&S Rock Stars

Hi There all of my amazing VA’s and Coaches! In the August 2012 vblog edition #1, I wanted to recognize three (3) wonderful women who support VA’s and coaches. These women are phenomenal in their own rights. They show a very caring and giving spirit. Plus, they are willing to share their gifts and talents…

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