Inspirational Role Models for Your Business

When you were younger, do you remember having role models? Do you remember who they were? Maybe they were celebrities like Michael Jackson, Prince or Madonna. Or maybe your parents, teachers, a policeman or fireman. Do you remember the feeling you had when you saw them do something inspirational. I can recall when I saw Michael Jackson perform the Moonwalk for the very first time in 1985 on Motown 25. I stayed up all night trying to imitate the Moonwalk. 

Your role models moved you to want to be just like them when you grew up. You wanted to know what steps you had to take to be just like them or at least have similar success. I always wanted to be just like my mother. She seemed to always have this presence about herself. She was, and still is, my Wonderwoman. I still wonder how she was able to juggle all the balls she had in the air and keep her composure.

In business we can still find or become inspirational role models. It’s very interesting that we may start out doing so but as our business grows or hit a plateau, we tend to stray from searching for such models. In this month’s series. I will focus on three (3) ways you can find inspirational business role models and three (3) ways you can become inspirational business role models. In this article I want to focus on why you should find or be an inspirational business role model.

I think it is very important to understand the context in which I am using the  words “role model”. I love the way another blogger stated the idea of a role model. In Suzann Kale’s article “Why We Need Role Models”, she stated:

We’re not talking about copying behaviors gathered from many sources. A real role model is a complete life. We need to see how one person acts and reacts to the events in her life. We want to analyze how she creates positive situations for herself. And how she learns from her mistakes.*

  1. Aligning yourself with someone who inspires you can help you stay focused, motivated and encouraged through the ebb and flows of owning your own business. We all need a support team. Whether from afar (blog) or up close and personal (personal relationship), they can push us to move forward in our business when we may want to give up.
  2. Your role model can help you identify what pitfalls to avoid or offer precious nuggets of gold called advice. They can offer the blueprint, as it were, for building a sturdy business. Which in any form is priceless.
  3. Our model can introduce or expose us to other business opportunities. They have established channels and connections that can help be the stepping stone to a new venture with your business. But don’t discount yourself. You have channels and connections as well. Our business role model may be able to benefit from them. There can be an interchange of influence for the betterment of both businesses.

There are many reasons why you should align yourself and your business with an inspirational business role model. The above is just a few. 

Next week we will discuss how you can find the proper inspirational role model.


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