National Women S&S Rock Stars

Hi There all of my amazing VA’s and Coaches! In the August 2012 vblog edition #1, I wanted to recognize three (3) wonderful women who support VA’s and coaches. These women are phenomenal in their own rights. They show a very caring and giving spirit. Plus, they are willing to share their gifts and talents with others in their communities.

This month’s Sassy & Savvy Rock Star honorees are:

  1. Kim Gray – she is the VA behind Emerging VA and the founder of NAVAC (National Association for Virtual Assistants of Coaches).
  2. Andrea Holme – she is the VA behind Authentically Virtual
  3. Diana Ennen – She is the owner of Virtual Word Publishing
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Would you like to nominate a VA or Coach for next month’s Sassy & Sassy Rock Star? Send me an email with the contact information of the coach or VA you would like to nominate. Also, explain what makes her such a phenomenal Sassy & Savvy Rock Star.

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