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What an Amazing Weekend!

Did you have an awesome weekend? I did! It was simply amazing! I was fortunate enough to be a presenter of a 3-day webinar series called Air Your Dirty VA Laundry. The series started on Thursday morning and ended Saturday morning.

Kim Gray, NAVAC’s Ka-Ching Coach, helped us to identify 5 steps that we can use to go from hourly-based to project-based fees. My favorite take-away was the equation she used to help us change our hourly retainers to project retainers. Once I plugged in my numbers, I was able to see how I could leverage my time and efforts to enhance my clients’ experience.

Me after my webinar on Friday, September 26, 2014. Sigh of relief!

Me after my webinar on Friday, September 26, 2014. Sigh of relief!

Friday was extra special for me because it was my day to be the presenter. As NAVAC’s CPR Coach, I want to help VA’s breathe new life into their business through powerful and profitable marketing strategies. At the same time, I know that it’s important for us to keep a balance in our personal and professional lives. So, my webinar focused on how we can say ‘hello’ to a healthier you while resurrecting your VA business. The 8 tips I shared with those who attended are not just for VA’s resurrecting their business but also for all VA’s regardless of where they are in their business. We all need a support system to help us balance and manage our “life plate”, right?

Then on Saturday, SaCola Lehr, our Transition Coach shared 5 ways a virtual assistant can balance her/his day job and run a successful VA business. I really enjoyed her tip about “stop trying to be perfect”. How many of us try to make sure that we are the “perfect VA”? Unfortunately, there is no such thing. We have to play to our strengths and select specific systems that we are comfortable with and become experts with those systems.

3 NAVAC coaches montageThe icing on the cake for me was the benefits shared for joining NAVAC this year and the promotional rate for the membership. Did you know that if you take the VA Assessment today, you will receive $150 off your 2014/2015 membership fee? Also, there is a special promotional rate of $997 until 11:59 PM today. In addition, NAVAC is offering a special payment plan through PayPal called PayPal Credit. Through this payment plan you can decide what your minimum payment will be and pay with no interest for 6 months! Amazing, right?!

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